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"For those wounded by civilization, yoga is the most healing salve'- Swami Sivananda

Meet Auset
My Story


I was one of those who wasn't supposed to make it.


A teen mom with four kids,  born and raised in the streets of Kansas City who stumbled from one abusive relationship to another.


Submerged in a concrete jungle, tangled in foodstamps and FAFSA's,  I rejected the narratives society had set up for me and decided I was not gonna be just another statistic. 


I didn't get to finish the degree program I started at UMKC , but that didn't stop me from applying what I learned to get me and my family off welfare and out of poverty.


Kemetic Yoga™ is a healing and regenerative Yoga system that is characterized by a series of geometrically progressive postures that creates alignment of the spinal column and corrects defects in the skeletal muscular system in order to relieve stress, increase blood circulation, nutrient and oxygen supply to vital body systems, and to allow internal life force energy and cerebral spinal fluid to flow more efficiently and abundantly throughout the entire body.


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