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About Auset

My Story


I was one of those who wasn't supposed to make it.


A teen mom four kids,  born and raised on the streets of Kansas City who stumbled from one abusive relationship to another. Submerged in a concrete jungle, tangled in foodstamps and FAFSA's,  I rejected the narratives society had set up for me and decided I was not gonna be just another statistic. 


Until the day I decided that wasn't the life for me.


In 2009, I died three times on a operating table in the ER of St. Luke's Hospital. This was my final close call with domestic violence.


I almost lost my life that day, I almost lost my entire dominant left arm...and I almost lost hope. I didn't get to finish the degree program I started at UMKC, but that didn't stop me from applying what I did learn to get me and my family off welfare and out of poverty.


Yoga and dance had been part of my life for as long as I can remember. However it wasn't until I was at my lowest point I really formed a relationship with yoga as a lifestyle.


I was homeless, I was depressed and I felt like everything was beyond my control. Through my yoga (and later other healthy lifestyle changes) I began to regain control of my life and own happiness!

In 2016 I stumbled upon some information about Kemetic Yoga and instantly knew this was something I wanted to bring to my community.  At first it seemed impossible;  as a single mom I didn't believe I could ever even afford something this grand....but I meditated and day by day it seemed more realistic.


A year later, I became a certified Kemetic Yoga instructor having completed my certification under master trainer Yiser Ra Hotep owner of The YogaSkills School Of Kemetic Yoga in Negril, Jamaica.


Currently, I spend most my days in my RV in or around Southern California.  My days have peace and my children are flourishing in their own ways in KCMO. This Queen manifested her fairy tale happy ending though dedication and hardwork! 


My goals now are to help others regain control of their bodies, lives and health! Yoga saved my life and I believe it can do the same for others. I feel honored to be walking in my divine path and truly feel called to this profession far beyond just creating experiences on a rubber mat! #KemeticHealer



Kemetic Yoga

Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki

Stress Management

Life Coach

Diet and Detoxification

Model, Dancer, Muse

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